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About Mark Donnigan

I build disruptive innovative startups as a go-to-market and startup marketing consultant. My superpower is architecting go-to-market plans and marketing motions that drive real business outcomes.

If you are about to launch your metaverse or streaming video technology platform or product but worry that the marketing or go-to-market plan is not ready, or that what you are doing is not working as it should be, I can help.

Startup founders work with me because I bring immediate and tangible impact on their company in marketing, go-to-market strategy, and revenue growth. 

As a veteran marketing and sales leader who has served in early and growth-stage startup environments, my teams have generated more than $500 million in revenue and shareholder value. I operate with a growth mindset as a player-coach who is accountable for all outcomes. 

I am a systems thinker, and I place a high value on teamwork. I have extensive experience working alongside sales, product, operations, and finance to ensure that the business and revenue goals of the company are always exceeded.

As a marketing leader and business builder, I create go-to-market strategies, marketing frameworks, and SaaS / PLG / Sales Led motions that are effective. The advantage of working with me – having been there and done it – is that I can save you wasted cycles pursuing the wrong strategy, plan, and tactics.

Growth Stage Marketing and Mark Donnigan provides entrepreneurs and founders services to:

  • Develop your category by architecting the market category that is best suited to your unique technology value proposition and the problem that you solve. 
  • Deliver high-impact marketing strategy and leadership so that you can reach your revenue goals, meet investor expectations, and scale sustainably.
  • Achieve go-to-market alignment across the sales and marketing organizations.
  • Extract the highest value from every marketing dollar and ensure the greatest impact possible from what may be limited resources.
  • Insider knowledge and insights about the B2B and enterprise buyer’s journey and how to navigate an increasingly fragmented customer decision hierarchy.
  • Operationalize marketing, from system and process development to making those first critical hires. 
“Mark is a smart, business-savvy leader who understands both his customers’ needs and the economics of his product offering. He offers creative solutions to customer problems and delivers insight back to the business to improve. I genuinely appreciated the collaborative relationship Mark and I shared.” Chris Watts, CFO, VUDU

My experience spans 20 years as a transformative B2B and enterprise marketing and business leader driving demand, brand development, and strategy for startup, emerging, and growth-stage companies, backed by some of the largest VC firms in Silicon Valley. I’ve managed teams of 25 people, comprising marketing, SDR/BDRs, and account executives producing $29 million per year in revenue with P&L budget responsibility of $3 million annually, including mid-six figures for marketing investments.

“From my first conversation, Mark struck me as smart and adept at navigating the complexities of the Media & Entertainment space. He is a business minded and market savvy technology deal maker who is always attached to some of the most interesting companies in the M&E technology and service sectors. Mitch Singer, Chief Digital Officer, Sony Pictures Entertainment

My inbound and outbound marketing experience include building and mentoring high-performance teams that execute on demand generation, brand and product marketing, PR, digital, and events. I develop and implement high-impact programs that drive revenue, produce ROI, activate the market, and deliver business results.

“It’s rare to meet someone who can balance a highly creative sense of marketing, with a superior business and technology aptitude, but Mark is that individual. He’s creative, he’s driven, he’s compassionate, and he is a leader.” Bryan Ingram, CEO & Co-Founder, Green.Org

I am a master of demand generation using ABM techniques, Google SEO, organic traffic, funnel management, email outreach, and paid advertising on social networks. My tools experience includes CRM (Salesforce, HubSpot), marketing automation (Pardot, HubSpot), and the full suite of Google Analytics and other measurement devices. I am an accomplished storyteller and an expert with content marketing. I’ve managed events, PR (internal and agency), and performed product marketing.

I build disruptive innovation companies that are changing the world. If you believe that you are doing something that is truly innovative, I would love to hear from you.

The time is now for legendary marketing. Let's talk.

Mark’s contribution as head of marketing was foundational to our success. He gave Beamr a presence and impact in the market that provided the trust and exposure we needed to win business. Mark is creative, resourceful, a doer, and he knows how to lead a team to get the most impact. Mark’s cross-functional approach working with our head of sales and head of product ensured that we had brand, PR, and messaging unity across all our go-to-market.

sharon carmel recommendation for mark donnigan
Sharon Carmel
CEO & Founder, Beamr

I Build Companies Worldwide Seattle - San Francisco - Los Angeles - New York - Denver - Phoenix - Taiwan - UK - Europe - Israel - Brazil


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