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Mark Donnigan

As a founder, networking often takes a backseat to strategic priorities, firefighting, and the six other hats you must wear daily. Yet, founder-led market development activities unlock meaningful product discussions, investor connections, recruiting, and influencer contacts that drive growth. 

When network development is deprioritized, your company misses out. There are no warm investor intros; you miss rockstar talent, and industry shifts blindside you. But what if you could put network outreach on autopilot? 

In the following sections, you’ll learn to use PhantomBuster’s LinkedIn automation capabilities to systematically nurture your network through personalized connection campaigns – all on autopilot.

Manual LinkedIn Networking

LinkedIn is the de facto platform for professional networking and relationship building. Your profile acts as a digital home base for your brand. The network’s over one billion members provide unparalleled opportunities to connect with collaborators, potential customers, investors, talent, and partners. But, the traditional approach of manual outreach to expand your network creates bottlenecks:

    1. It’s challenging to find the time to complete networking tasks. Studies show that employees spend roughly 40% of their workweek on manual processes instead of core responsibilities.
    2. Manually crafting custom messages for numerous prospects is labor-intensive. This leads founders to resort to generic templates that fail to resonate on a personal level, diminishing response rates.
    3. Networking requires persistent outreach over time; it’s not a one-off effort. Urgent issues and responsibilities continually interrupt your outreach, stalling your efforts and losing momentum.

The Automated “Cheat Code”

The solution for overwhelmed founders who want to shortcut the arduous networking process is to automate using Phantombuster‘s LinkedIn automation tools. Phantombuster is a cloud-based platform that integrates directly with LinkedIn to mimic human workflows and automate manual processes.

For example, the LinkedIn Auto Connect function allows you to send connection requests to targeted LinkedIn profiles at scale automatically. Simply upload your prospect list, craft your customized outreach message, set your desired cadence, and let Phantombuster handle the rest on autopilot.

Some founders worry that automating LinkedIn outreach could be seen as spammy, impersonal, or robotic compared to manual one-on-one efforts. Though occasionally a misappropriate message may get sent, the frequency is so low that recipients understand, making the potential negative impact not outweigh the benefit.

With Phantombuster, your connection request messages don’t have to be generic templates. You can customize each message with unique personal details about the prospect – their background, interests, or how you’re connected. When executed thoughtfully with the right personalization strategy, your automated outreach won’t feel automated to recipients. They’ll perceive it as a natural human-to-human connection attempt.

So, while understandable, the fear of appearing robotic or spammy when using automation is unfounded when using the right tools and tactics. Automating your LinkedIn outreach allows you to be personally relevant and operationally efficient. Here’s a short tutorial:

How to Auto Connect with PhantomBuster

1. Set up the LinkedIn Auto Connect tool.

Head to and browse their pre-built automation “Phantoms” library. Select the any of the auto connect Phantoms. Follow the quick setup instructions to link your LinkedIn account for accessibility.


2. Install Phantombuster extension.

Click on “Use this Phantom.” Before using any Phantombuster tools, you must install their browser extension for Chrome or Firefox. This securely links your LinkedIn account. The extension retrieves your LinkedIn session cookie so Phantombuster can automate actions on your behalf. 

3. Import your targeted list of profiles.

Next, you’ll need to provide Phantombuster with the list of LinkedIn profiles to target for automated outreach. You can input this as a simple .csv spreadsheet or link to a Google Sheet with the URLs for each person’s profile.

This is where upfront research is needed to identify your ideal prospects based on industry, job role, location, skills, or any other criteria. You will use additional Phantombuster tools like LinkedIn Search Export to extract the LinkedIn URLs matching your specific search.

4. Customize your connection request message.

Before automating your outreach, you’ll want to craft a compelling message that will be included with each connection request to maximize acceptance rates. This is where you establish context, value, and intrigue.

One of Phantombuster’s key advantages is dynamic personalization tags like #firstName# that allow you to include custom details into each message automatically. So even though you’re sending requests at scale, every message will feel 1-on-1 tailored. This personal touch helps to resonate with prospects.

5. Manage your outreach volume and schedule.

According to LinkedIn’s terms of service, accounts are limited to sending 100 connection requests per week. So PhantomBuster builds scheduling capabilities to auto-send requests in batches or at a steady drip cadence to stay within guidelines.

Many founders see success automating around ~20 requests per workday at a pace of ~4 per hour during office hours to maximize open/response rates. But you can adjust based on your goals and bandwidth. Also, here is where LinkedIn provides some relief for owners of a Sales Navigator account. If you have a good Social Selling Index score and your account is established, you likely can double the number of invitations sent to 200 each week.

Example of an SSI Index:

6. Leverage additional features like email discovery.

Beyond connecting on LinkedIn, warm introductory emails can further advance the relationship-building process. Phantombuster has add-on features that attempt to discover validated email addresses for your new connections through public data sources (third-party data providers may also be used).

You can then seamlessly automate personalized follow-ups on LinkedIn messaging, via the InMail feature, or using email. 


What’s Next? 

The process continues after someone accepts your connection request.

LinkedIn is a fabulous platform but not all your professional connections use it regularly. You will want to move relationships off LinkedIn when appropriate by requesting brief intro calls. This should not be a sales call and do not approach them with, “Can you refer me to someone who may need my product/service?” Be natural, be sincere, ask questions, get them talking, and only good things will happen.

Consistent networking allows you to stay top-of-mind and add value over time. It builds a strong web of engaged connections you can lean on for crowdsourced advice, feedback, talent recommendations, deal flow, and other massive advantages.

A thriving network of supporters can open doors to new capital sources, speaking opportunities, customer business, hiring pipelines, partnerships, and more. It’s an indispensable advantage for any successful founder.

Nurture Your Connections to Drive Revenue

By embracing LinkedIn automation with Phantombuster, you’ll short-circuit the time-consuming tasks of manual outreach and be able to focus on the highest impact levers for growing your startup. Building your network doesn’t have to be a chore if you can automate its most tedious aspects.

I offer customized strategies and execution for tech startups selling B2B to do more with less and win their market. Here’s what we’ll focus on:

  • Identifying and automating outreach to perfectly tailored prospect lists. With a Marketing Pod, we will bring a complete content engine for the price of one experienced ICP in the Bay Area.
  • Crafting hyper-personalized messaging and content that commands attention. The Marketing Pod brings specialization not commonly found in most marketing teams so that every step of the buyer’s journey is met with the necessary information.
  • Establish automated multichannel cadences tailored to your goals. The Marketing Pod is led by a virtual CMO and digital marketing expert who knows what works today. Say no to wasted marketing dollars and yes to your desired results.
  • Nurturing relationships toward closed deals, strategic partnerships, and growth opportunities. Today, buyers are most responsive to LinkedIn and community-building tactics. The Marketing Pod is equipped with the latest AI tools and tactics to make you look huge even in the early stages of your company’s growth.

Book a consultation call today, and I’ll equip you with the systems to attract your ideal connections. This will allow you to get in front of more companies and present what you can do for them so that you can meet your revenue and growth goals.

The journey from concept to market leader is fraught with challenges and opportunities. Here’s a quick start guide to mastery of go-to-market strategies that are not just effective but business transformative. Platforms like LinkedIn have emerged as powerhouses for B2B marketing success. Watch this interview for insights into what’s working today in B2B tech startup marketing


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