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  • how category design drives markets by mark donnigan
    Category Design Drives Markets

    If you are not the Category King, winning the market will be much more challenging. Category design is the essential tool to drive any B2B disruptive innovation market.

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  • todays marketer modern marketing mindset mark donnigan
    Mindsets Needed for Today’s Marketer

    To meet business objectives, marketing must revamp its capabilities. Here are three mindset shifts needed to navigate the changes required to become a modern marketer.

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  • mark donnigan sales experience is essential for a marketer
    Marketers: Get Sales Experience

    Marketing and sales are now overlapping with business leaders reference marketing and demand generation as the same, meaning it’s time for marketers to gain sales skills.

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  • Mark Donnigan The Two CMO Types
    The Two CMO Types

    Hire the wrong type of CMO for your business objectives, and it won’t matter how impressive an education, logos on their CV, or years of experience that they have, they’ll fail.

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  • Being a Wartime CMO Mark Donnigan
    The Wartime CMO

    The Wartime CMO does not shrink back in times of challenge, instead, they recognize that Wartime is when it’s easiest to leapfrog distracted competitors and take ground away.

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