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Defining The Audio Marketing Platform

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December 8, 2020

For those who don’t know what an audio marketing platform (AMP) is, or how it can benefit your marketing motion, look no further! Say goodbye to the days of long, regurgitated blog posts and click-bait headings, and welcome the fifth digital disruption – Audio.

The Engagement of Audio

When it comes to content marketing – across the board – one thing remains a top priority: Engagement. And of course, ROI.

When the first audio marketing platform was built by Summurai, they defined a new ranking method, the Value-Effort Ratio or VER to measure the engagement of audio content. VER is easy to understand since it’s a measure of how much effort must be exerted by the user relative to the value that is received. Summurai discovered that audio summaries of pre-existing online content provide a very high VER score.

Take an academic paper. Because of its length and word density, it can take ten minutes or more to read even a shortened version. But, consider the value-effort tradeoff if the information was distilled into a 3-minute audio summary. It would be much higher because now you can consume the paper on the go, in the gym, or while multitasking with chores at home. 

The case for audio summary content is not difficult to make, but as every content form has its own unique requirement, to create this content at scale and ensure that it can be distributed as widely as possible, a content marketing platform for audio needs to be created.

What is AMP?

An Audio Marketing Platform (AMP) is a space in which to host audio content for your audience. Content marketers wanting to utilize the many advantages of audio marketing can use an AMP to host their branded content, while maintaining their own brand identity. For example, Summurai’s platform can be used to store all of your content under your brand, while you’re able to create various channels (audio playlists), manage your content and its subscribers, track statistics, share your content online or in your email newsletter, and simply embed audio marketing onto your website.


summurai audio marketing platform


Logging into Summurai’s portal, you’ll see you’ll easily be able to create your own audio content channels, where you can decide on all the visuals you want to use to match your brand’s identity. Whether you’re an individual content creator or a part of a corporation, you’ll be able to make audio marketing work for you in a streamlined, easy-to-use audio marketing platform. 

The Originator of AMP – Summurai

Summurai is the originator of the audio marketing platform (AMP) and while they provide the infrastructure, they want to ensure their audio player is integrated with your content pages on your website, so you remain in control of the content you’re providing to your audience. You can add a range of CTA’s such as a “Listen” button or simply add the live player to content pages. 

Alternatively, you can use and promote a single “Summy” inside an email for your audience to engage with easily, or provide a clickable link to take your consumer to the live player. Your audience will be able to open the link from any browser without having to install an app or widget.

The fun part really begins when you design your own Summy. Each one appears with its own image, promotional text, narrator photo, a branded intro, along with a CTA, such as “Call Us” or “Complete This Form”. You can add a location using Google Maps, or even a link to the full article – if you’ve summarized another piece of online content. 

All the listener has to do is press “Play”, they can even follow the included transcript if they wish. If the consumer doesn’t have time to listen, Summurai offers the option to “Send to mobile,” so that they can listen on their device, in their own time. 

summurai summy live

A Lead Generation Alternative

There are other options available, too, such as whether you want your content to be freely available for anyone to listen to – or not. It can be used as a lead generation tool, making your content only available to those who have subscribed to you. Your audio channel can be made public or private, and free or paid; paving the way for a new style of monetization for content creators, with either a one-time fee or subscription.

Last but not least, Summurai offers a wide range of statistics so you’re able to see which of your audio content is performing the best. For each individual item, you’ll see statistics for demographics, traffic sources, listener engagement, as well as the total number of listeners. Using an audio marketing platform to advance your brand is a foolproof way to take it to the next level, and there’s no better platform than the original AMP: Summurai. 

summurai channel stats

The Audio Marketing Content Journey

Customer journeys are a huge consideration in the field of content marketing and can be one of the most powerful tools you have at your disposal. Seeing things from your audience’s perspective and understanding what they do and how they like to do it, will really help you understand how to interact with them, and likewise, them with you. 

Let’s look at how different devices produce different behaviors. Have you ever noticed how our days are typically spent with our smartphones glued to one hand, and whatever else it is we’re doing in the other? On average, we check our phones around 140 times a day, though usually just for brief interactions, such as sending a message or checking emails. 

We use computers predominantly for work, a good eight hours a day. And of course, our TV which keeps us entertained each evening. Each device has a different purpose though they complement each other, as opposed to competing. With this being said, it’s no wonder we can feel cognitive overload when we are distracted by the multiplicity of screens that are in front of us every single day. 

Audio is the way forward since it’s the one form of content that isn’t a screen. The better we understand our customer’s journey, the easier it is to identify potential opportunities to connect with our consumers. This attention to detail is what separates you from your competition and keeps your audience engaged, and it is a profound way to turn an opportunity into a profitable and inspiring experience.

How To Build Short-Form Audio Marketing Content

The beauty of audio content marketing is that you don’t need a specific word count, the SEO aspect doesn’t need paying attention to and your content doesn’t require that you use an artificial but high-ranking title so that you can increase engagement. 

So, how can you build short-form audio marketing content? Because hey, you don’t need a podcast-length recording every time you want to create audio marketing content. The art of building short-form audio marketing content is as simple as this: Conciseness.

In today’s instantaneous world of social media, it has become essential to be concise and straight-to-the-point with our content. No one has time for a long read anymore. 

In recent years, videos and podcasts episode lengths have shortened, to make way for the likes of TikTok and Instagram Stories, which tend to dominate engagement over longer visual content. The same trend has happened with audio. Podcasts as a medium to longer length content form are still prioritized in audio content marketing though, leaving the world of short-form audio marketing a practical green-field.

Refresh Content With an Audio Marketing Platform

If your company is looking for a content refresh, or to add another layer of quality and credibility, utilizing an audio marketing platform, such as Summurai, is the way forward. Not only will it help to promote your brand in a new direction, but it will also broaden your level of content marketing, while the rest are cranking out yet another white paper or blog post that few will even read. 

The world of audio is on the brink of exploding, and it’s time to get on board. Here’s to the future of audio marketing content.

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