Mark’s contribution as head of marketing was foundational to our success. He gave Beamr a presence and impact in the market that provided the trust and exposure we needed to win business. Mark is creative, resourceful, a doer, and he knows how to lead a team to get the most impact. Mark’s cross-functional approach working with our head of sales and head of product ensured that we had brand, PR, and messaging unity across all our go-to-market.

sharon carmel recommendation for mark donnigan
Sharon Carmel
CEO & Founder, Beamr

As Managing Director, SPTG Media Group at Cisco, I have the opportunity to interact with many of the industry’s best and brightest, and I am pleased to say that Mark is among this elite group. I find him to possess a high degree of domain expertise in the area of consumer entertainment services and the ecosystem these companies operate within. Mark has a strong business mind while possessing the technical understanding required for success.

Leszek Izdebski recommendation for mark donnigan
Leszek Izdebski
Managing Director, SPTG, Cisco
June 2022
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