How I Grow Companies

If you are a technical founder, and you have a tremendous opportunity for growth, but, the attention you placed on engineering your product has not yielded the revenue results you expected, I have a solution. 

Through my revenue-centered market development framework, I help founding teams structure their marketing and sales efforts and build high-impact plans so that they can scale their growth.

The following imperatives summarize my approach for growing B2B disruptive innovation companies with legendary marketing. Using my four-pillar framework, I execute a proven set of activities and strategies that are highly effective to capture attention, educate, engage, and convert your highest-value prospects. 

Take Bold Action

The classic MBA marketing playbook won't create the business outcome you are seeking. What worked yesterday won't work today. Companies willing to break away from the familiar, will be in the best place to win.

Define & Own the Category

We are in a winner take all business environment where you cannot afford to be anything but the Category King. The company that establishes itself as the Category King, will take up to 76% of the revenue from the entire category.

Marketing Drives Revenue

Always associate marketing motions to revenue. With intelligent demand generation marketing, brand perception is strengthened. Without a coupling of revenue generation to the marketing effort, brand marketing cannot drive a sufficient level of sales activation.

Message to Market Fit

Success depends on having the proper message to market fit. Buyers do not want to hear feature-speak. Our job is to tell them what we can do for them by leading with the problem and positioning the product as the obvious solution. This is the secret to winning marketing today.

Small marketing teams win

Be super efficient with resources. Small ninja class marketing teams led by a leader who is a doer and able to adapt to the needs of the market today will beat large teams every time.

Marketing Serves Sales

Marketing must serve the sales team first first. Sales and marketing win together and lose together. It is the job of marketing to be the rocket fuel that accelerates the sales motion.

All marketing is demand generation. I believe in the value of branding, but have found that in most B2B marketplaces, and for many technology-centeric firms, the cost and time required to build a brand does not support most investor expectations. 

The buying process today is highly fragmented and with so much noise in the ecosystem, publishing high-quality content that leads with education, is the ideal way to cut through and create engagement that will lead to a sale. 

The pace of technological innovation and business/market disruption is so high today that it’s fair to say that we are all in uncharted waters. Nothing makes sense, and yet many companies continue to execute the same “tried and true” marketing playbook. But this is not how to build a legendary company. Now is the perfect opportunity for aggressive CEOs and business leaders to play bigger and take ground in the market.

The time is now for legendary marketing. Let's talk.

Mark’s contribution as head of marketing was foundational to our success. He gave Beamr a presence and impact in the market that provided the trust and exposure we needed to win business. Mark is creative, resourceful, a doer, and he knows how to lead a team to get the most impact. Mark’s cross-functional approach working with our head of sales and head of product ensured that we had brand, PR, and messaging unity across all our go-to-market.

sharon carmel recommendation for mark donnigan
Sharon Carmel
CEO & Founder, Beamr

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