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Scale Your Marketing To Win

The question of how to scale marketing to win must is answered by looking at the incredible complexity that buyers are facing today. Never before has there been more information available, making it easier than ever for buyers to gather information, leaving fewer opportunities for sellers to influence the buying decision.

Gartner research has found that B2B buyers send just 17% of their total buying activity time meeting with suppliers. When you consider that they are likely meeting with at least two to three suppliers, that means just 5% of their time is available for your company to influence the buying decision.

It is common to have anywhere from six to 10 decision-makers involved in the process. With each bringing to the decision four or five pieces of information that they’ve gathered. Thus why more than 75% of B2B buyers describe their latest purchase process as difficult and overly complicated.

We empower our clients to win by designing highly effective processes to handle a buying journey that isn’t linear. B2B buyers and their influencers/stakeholders engage in what can be referred to as looping, where the six primary jobs to be done by the B2B buying committee gets revisited multiple times.

What I Do

Grow Demand

Demand generation is a marketing process supported by category design.

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Build Markets

Growth Stage Marketing builds markets by combining winning strategy and tactics.

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Drive Revenue

I build disruptive innovation companies by driving revenue with marketing that works.

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B2B Marketing Pillars

Market Problem-Resolution

Customers buy solutions to problems. Don't talk features, talk problem-solution as a category that your company is the leader of. The ultimate job of product marketing is to define the problem that you built your product or solution to solve in the context of a category that you have named. Careful naming of the category is required in order for it to be adopted by the ecosystem. Customers do not think about the process as a linear and sequential paradigm. Purchase progress is best defined in terms of job completion rather than funnel completion. I design the perfect message to problem match for companies just like yours.

Demand Generation

Demand generation is more than a KPI or funnel. Real demand generation only happens when you have built a category, and the market sees you as the default choice. In this scenario, your competitors must explain how they compare to you. As a Category King, you will benefit by knowing that the entire industry must tell prospects first how they are better/cheaper/faster than you before they can begin to talk about their advantage. I build demand generation engines that expand your perpetual market motion each time a prospect starts a buying process in the category.

Build Your Category to Scale

Product marketing and category creation are the foundations for demand generation, and both are needed to be maximally effective. Category design is the first and most critical step to becoming a Category King. The concept of Category King is covered in the book Play Bigger, where Category King's are shown to command up to 76% of the market. The most logical path to business success is to become king of a category that you've defined. I improve sales effectiveness by delivering information to the ecosystem instead of individuals only.

Marketing Alignment with Sales

There is no way to know through a linear supplier-centric funnel where customers are struggling to close. Sales and marketing teams are arranged in a serial fashion where marketing nurtures leads and generates demand through digital channels, handing off the most qualified opportunities to sales. Customers simply don’t buy this way because they use both digital and in-person channels with near-equal frequency. I reframe the "problem" in order to find the right solution so that companies can achieve their revenue and business objectives.

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