How I Grow Companies

It’s time for legendary marketing.

If you’re a technical founder

and the attention you placed on engineering your product has not yielded the revenue results you expected, I have a solution. Learn about hiring a Virtual CMO and the power of a Marketing Pod.

As a virtual CMO and startup consultant, I help founding teams structure their marketing and sales efforts to scale their growth through my revenue-centered GTM framework. Using my four-pillar framework (the Demand Generation flywheel), I execute a proven set of strategies highly effective in capturing attention, educating, engaging, and converting your highest-value prospects.

Who Can Benefit from a Marketing Pod?

I lead Marketing Pods tailored for tech startups with enterprise and B2B sales cycles in SaaS, software, or platform. Best fit companies have buying cycles that extend to quarters or years with ACVs that are six figures or higher. 

The value of a Marketing Pod lies in the enhanced efficiency that enables lower operational costs and improved effectiveness. Companies that understand the value of marketing and are committed to investing in it, but want to reduce costs and execute more effectively see excellent returns. 

Revenue scaling to $5mm

In this scenario, you need to build your first marketing team and are eager to benefit from the significant cost savings and performance improvements the Marketing Pod delivers.

Revenue scaling beyond $10mm

You likely have a marketing team but need to expand capacity without the time and expense to hire. Companies here are often targeting vertical marketing experts compared to generalists.

How Marketing Pods

Get Things Done

Most startups struggle with not knowing what to do and being unable to execute when they finally learn “what to do.” The Marketing Pod provides a B2B marketing team focused on bridging the gap between strategy and execution for early and growth stage startups needing scale.

Unlike traditional digital marketing teams that focus on implementing digital strategies, a Marketing Pod, directed by a CMO, ensures that every aspect of execution is strategically aligned with growing the market and building your category. We don’t execute the usual playbooks which is why we win.

Strategic Marketing Essentials

Innovate Boldly​

Relying on old marketing tactics doesn’t cut it anymore. Today’s market demands innovation and a departure from the old ways to stand out and dominate. A Marketing Pod brings a set of fresh perspectives and cutting-edge strategies to help you break through the noise and capture your audience’s attention.

Lead Your Category​

To win in a competitive market, aim to be the Category King. This can secure up to 76% of market revenue, underscoring the need to define and dominate your niche. A Marketing Pod provides the expertise needed to identify and establish your distinct category, positioning your company as the top solution within your industry.

Tie Marketing to Revenue

The most effective marketing strategies directly influence sales numbers. By focusing on smart demand generation, you enhance your brand, and your marketing moves contribute to financial growth. Marketing Pod ensures that all efforts are aligned with your revenue goals, creating a clear path to return on investment.

Deliver a Clear Solution​

Success depends on connecting with your audience by focusing on how your product solves their issues rather than merely describing your product. A Marketing Pod helps develop and execute targeted messaging for customers’ specific pain points, positioning your product as the go-to solution in your market.

If you’re getting ready to launch your metaverse or streaming video technology platform or product, but you’re worried that your marketing or go-to-market plan isn’t quite ready or isn’t working as it should, I’m here to help you succeed.

With 20 years of experience working with VC-backed startups and growth-stage companies, I’ve learned what it takes to scale marketing and go-to-market efforts to meet market opportunities. I aim to help founders like you reach your growth potential by creating strategies, frameworks and plans that work for your needs.

Over the years, I’ve gained extensive experience working in various marketing domains, including product marketing, demand generation, content, brand marketing, PR, digital, and events. I’ve led and mentored teams that perform at a high level. This experience has given me a good understanding of the challenges and opportunities companies face when they’re trying to grow their marketing.

One of my biggest strengths is my ability to make a difference in a company from day one. I have a lot of experience as both a marketer and a sales leader, and I know a lot about the video streaming and WebRTC interactive video space. This means I can help companies get set up and running quickly and effectively.

At the heart of my approach is the idea that marketing’s main job is to bring in revenue. That’s why I focus on building categories and creating GTM plans that align with this goal. My experience spans a diverse range of business models including SaaS, subscription services, and physical products, providing me with a deep understanding of different market dynamics and how best to navigate them.

I have a profound knowledge of the video streaming world, including video codecs, transcoding, ad tech, distribution, WebRTC, live, and video-on-demand (VOD). I’ve worked on projects involving WebRTC, Cloud Gaming, Metaverse, social networks, premium media and entertainment streaming which collectively equipped me with rich perspective on several technological advancements and consumer trends. 

I had the privilege of working across various global markets, including Israel, Taiwan, China, Western Europe, the UK, and Brazil. This experience has enriched my perspective and provided me with a keen understanding of diverse marketing practices and go-to-market strategies effective in different cultural contexts.

If you’re looking for a partner to help you scale your marketing efforts and achieve your ambitious growth targets, I’d be honored to bring my expertise to the table.

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I can’t wait to make you my next success story. Please complete all fields so that we can explore together how best to help your company dominate the market and achieve its full potential.

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